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Sandi McCabe

have loved art all my life!  I found ways to illustrate anything in school with my pencil crayons from Grade 1 and on. 


I joined the Gallery Painting Group 17 years ago.  I just LOVE painting outside in nature while listening to the birds and flowing waters and swaying trees.  I find that the members are very supportive and VERY talented .  We learn a lot from each other. 


I also paint outside all winter in Florida with a couple of plein air groups.  The vegetation and the colours are so different there that it just keeps me growing. 


For the past 8 summers, I have returned to the Toronto Islands to paint for a week.  I was actually born there!    For me, it is like returning to my childhood. A group of committed London artists always come with me….  Together we ride our bikes all over the islands and just paint our hearts out.   


I joined up with two friends from The Gallery Painting Group 8 years ago.  We call our group, The Shady Artists!  Janice Howell and Michele Haley are my partners!  We have an Annual Show at The Arts Project (TAP) in London early in September for two weeks.  We take over the whole wonderful gallery with our work and 20% of the proceeds from the art sales goes to My Sisters’ Place. 

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