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Pat Edgerton

Pat took her first art course in the late 1990s from fellow cottager and art teacher, Marion Anderson, at Rondeau Provincial Park. She has worked in watercolour, encaustic, acrylic pours, alcohol & ink, acrylic, and mixed media. Pat has taken classes at Southampton, Bayfield, Haliburton School for the Arts, and several classes in the art groups she has joined. Notable instructors are Jack Reed, Marion Anderson, Jill Segal, Annette Blady, Susan Fisher, and Carol Finkbeiner Thomas, to name a few.

Pat is a member of the Brush & Palette Club (2016), the Gallery Painting Group (2018), and a past member of the Collage Collective Group.

She has submitted paintings to Westland Gallery's Square Foot Show, Paint Ontario, Brush & Palette Shows, Gallery Painting Group shows, and Off the Wall shows. She has completed a number of Mixed Media commissions.


Gallery click to enlarge image - prices are in Cdn $ where indicated

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