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Elizabeth Layng

I started my artistic journey several years ago and since that time I have looked for opportunities to learn and practice the things that interest me. I would describe my art education as self directed and eclectic.  I’ve learned a lot from other artists and have taken workshops and classes locally.   I also learn from books and videos and from simply doing or ‘disappearing down the rabbit hole to art wonderland’ where one loses all track of time.  Recently I have mainly painted in oils but I also work in other media.

I really enjoy painting on location with the Gallery Painting Group.   I love spending the time outside in nature and observing the way living things interact with the environment.  I am fascinated by the play of light and how it changes everything and it’s exciting to find that special something that speaks to your soul and says ‘paint me’.  I really enjoy the camaraderie of working alongside like minded people and am grateful to all those who welcome us to their locations.

As well as the Gallery Painting Group, I am a member of other art groups in London, St. Mary's and Strathroy.


Gallery click to enlarge image - prices are in Cdn $ where indicated

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