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Dorothy (d. hunter) Adams

“Paint something you love” is the principle that guides my brush. The essence of my being goes into each painting and time happily slips away.

Presented my first set of Winsor Newton paints at the tender age of seven, I have been sharing God’s beautiful gift ever since. Working from my photographic studies and nature, preferred mediums of choice are watercolours, oils, and pencil, but also work in acrylics,and ink. I just love where my painting takes me.

“Her style is realistic but with a gentle approach; and coupled with an inspired ability to see and share joy, she captures the character of the subject and the spirit of a moment, with palettes chosen from close artistic observation. Because she paints from the heart, each painting is a generous gift, sharing the tender subtleties and intuitive understanding of her subjects with the viewer. Dorothy’s desire for sensitivity and perfection results in evocative, respectful and warm images.” K. Leroux

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