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Brenda Roberts

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Up until my retirement, I had worked my entire adult life in the financial services industry.  It wasn't until I retired that I found my passion for painting.  I had always been interested in art but with no formal training I had never picked up a paint brush until then.  Since discovering the "passion", I try to paint as often as possible and have discovered it brings me many happy hours of peace and relaxation.
I am currently a member of two art clubs, The Gallery Painting Group and Brush and Palette Club.  

Since I started to paint, I have had the good fortune to paint "plein air" alongside some pretty talented artists.  I have also attended numerous workshops and classes both locally and elsewhere that have assisted me in my craft.  I consider these opportunities such a gift.

My approach to art is simple.  Find a subject that interests and paint it.  For the most part, the subject is almost always the inspiration, but the paint colours and how they work on the canvas or paper is where the magic happens for me.  My happy place is definitely with a paint brush in hand.

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