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Amelia Husnik

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Amelia Husnik has been an active member of the Gallery Painting Group since the year 2000.  At first, she only attended their workshops as she wanted to learn as much as possible. Soon she came as a guest to some paint-outs, and it did not take long that she became a member of the Group.

She also joined other painting clubs in London, taking advantage of workshops offered by them, and she has taken many art courses that were offered in Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin and overseas.

She has been on a number of Novack’s trips to Italy, France, UK and Ireland under leadership of Kevin Bice; to be able to sketch and paint those beautiful locations is a great experience. Also trips in Canada and overseas with a small group of friends provided lots of opportunities to paint and sketch on location.

Since the year 2000, Amelia has regularly taken part in a variety of local and provincial art shows.

She is very grateful for the many wonderful people she has met and for the encouragement of teachers and fellow painters alike.


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