The Gallery Painting Group of London Ontario


We are once again out and about painting local scenes.  From October 19th to 21st, we will be holding our regular annual show at the Byron Library featuring paintings done over the summer at the many locations in and around London that we will have the pleasure of visiting.

This summer, we had a special show whose theme was "Canada:  Strong, Proud and Free" to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.  Below you will find examples of some of the paintings that were featured in the show.



  L. Pinchin         M. Stewart


  C. Eichstedt     M. Kidd


  A. Husnik      M. Thornicroft


                C. Edwards


  M.L. Smith      I. Burghardt

 J. Howell                   C. Meredith

 S. Garrington      M. Burke

J. Eberhard           W. Reid

 A. Husnik       M. Lazenby


 L. Hughes        A. Roy


  D. Adams        G. Kumpf





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